Fritz Allhoff and Luke Golemon
HEC Forum (forthcoming; Online First).
Publication year: 2019

Fritz Allhoff and Luke Golemon, “Bioethics in the Arctic:  The Alaska Context”, HEC Forum (forthcoming; Online First).

Abstract:  With, by far, the lowest population density in the United States, myriad challenges attach to healthcare delivery in Alaska.  In § 1, we characterize this geographic context, including how it is exacerbated by lack of infrastructure.  In § 2, we turn to healthcare economics and staffing, showing how these bear on delivery—and are exacerbated by geography.  In § 3, we turn to rural care, exploring in more depth what healthcare delivery looks like outside of Alaska’s major cities.  This discussion continues in § 4, which specifically analyzes healthcare in Alaska’s indigenous villages, some of the smallest and most isolated communities in the United States.  Though many of the ways we could improve Alaskan health care for Alaskan residents are limited by its unique features above, § 5 and § 6 consider ways in which certain policies and technology—including telemedicine—could mitigate the challenges developed in previous sections.