I run a mailing list, Philosophy Updates, that posts calls for papers, conference announcements, book announcements, job advertisements, funding opportunities, and other items of interest to philosophers. The subscription base is almost 5,000 people, making this the largest mailing list in North America. If you want to subscribe, just email us at philosophy.updates@gmail.com.

The normal posting fee is $100.  Graduate and undergraduate student conferences/journals carry a discounted fee of $50. Subsequent calls (e.g., corrections, 2nd CfP, deadline extensions, final announcements, event programs, etc.) are also discounted. Please pay by Paypal to philosophy.updates@gmail.com; alternatively just use the drop-down menu and button below.

After making the payment, send your announcement—using a descriptive subject line—to philosophy-updates@googlegroups.com. All ads must be submitted from a subscribed email address and without attachments. Posts are moderated, so just submit once; they’re usually moderated within a day.

Thank you for supporting this project!

Normal Listing

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