Fritz Allhoff and Patrick Lin
Dordrecht:  Springer, 2008.  Hardback, xxxiv+299 pp
Publication year: 2008

Fritz Allhoff and Patrick Lin, Nanotechnology & Society:  Current and Emerging Ethical Issues (Dordrecht:  Springer, 2008).  Hardback, xxxiv+299 pp. Review by Amber Hottes in Nanotechnology Law & Business, Fall 2008, pp. 359-364.  Review by Jaipreet Virdi in Spontaneous Generations:  A Journal for the History and Philosophy of Science 2.1 (2008):  248-250.  Review by Travis N. Rieder in Nanoethics:  The Ethics of Technologies that Converge at the Nanoscale 2.3 (2008):  229-231.