Terrorism, Ticking Time-Bombs, and Torture

Since the book has just been published, I’ve removed the draft chapters from below, but please email me if you want something in particular.  (Radio interviews are also available.)

Front Matter (including detailed contents)


Part I:  Terrorism

Chapter 1:  What Is Terrorism?

Chapter 2:  The Moral Status of Terrorism

Chapter 3:  The War on Terror and the Ethics of Exceptionalism

Part II:  Torture and Ticking Time-Bombs

Chapter 4:  Conceptual and Moral Foundations of Torture

Chapter 5:  Ticking Time-Bomb Methodology

Chapter 6:  Should We Torture in Ticking Time-Bomb Cases?

Part III:  Torture in the Real World

Chapter 7:  Empirical Objections to Torture

Chapter 8:  Ex Ante and Ex Post Justifications

Chapter 9:  The Limits of Torture